LT 9600 Slope Track Mower
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    LT 9600i Slope Track Mower


    The Civiline LT 9600i is a remote controlled self-propelled rotary mulching mower for use on extreme slopes along with roadside mulching. With its low ground impact and low centre of gravity it will perform safetly and efficiently on steep slopes up to 55 degrees. The LT 9600i really comes into its own on rough and uneven ground, mulching through the harshest terrain with ease. The drive track system gives great stability and traction, leaving minimal visual impact on grassed areas. Easy to transport with proven productivity and efficiencyread more

    LT 9600i Slope Mower

    Photograph for illustration purposes - standard specifications may not match those shown.



    Fitted with a Kawasaki FS730V EFI Engine producing 25.5Hp (17.7Kw). Kawasaki EFI fuel management continually adjusts power to load, keeping blade tip speed constant and ground speed steady.With optimum cutting speed through tough conditions, you’ll get more done in less time – and do it with maximum fuel economy.


    LT 9600i Blades
    • Auto shut off protection should you accidently hit an object the machine will automatically shut down protecting the machine from further damage. See intelligence package below.
    • Fine cut or mulching blade choices
    • Fitted with custom designed blade carriers to retain and mulch grass and vegetation. Each carrier is equipped with four swinging blades offering swing back capability to minimise impact.
    • Cutting height variable from 185mm down to 50mm.
    LT 9600i Deck Thickness
    • Deck material thickness 10mm
    LT 9600i Spring loaded blade tensioner
    • Automatic spring-loaded blade tensioner with automatic blade shut off due to overload via a sensor.
    LT 9600i Rubber flaps
    • Rubber flaps help stop objects being ejected from the deck front and back.
    LT 9600i Crawler tracks
    • Sideways ejection is not possible due to crawler tracks.
    LT 9600 Working Angle
    • The LT 9600i can cut on slopes up to 55 degrees
    LT 9600i Thrown Object Test
    • Successful Thrown Object Test certified by independent institute of DLG. Safety flaps protection against thrown objects such as stones and wood.


    Agria 9600i Fuel
    • Swap n Go jerry can system. Makes it safer when refueling on slopes. Fuel level is displayed on the remote control and provides approximate operating time of 6 hours with two full tanks. 2 removable tanks supplied as standard.


    The engine is powering a generator which produces 48 volts to drive two brushless free electric drive motors with each producing more than 500nm of torque. Only a fraction of the engine horsepower is needed to drive the machine with rest of the power going to where you need it most, the cutting deck. The combination of a petrol engine and electric drives work much more efficiently and therefore is more environmentally friendly than hydraulic concepts.


    Agria 9600 Electric Motor
    • Asynchronous design (very robust)
    • Brushless: wear-free, maintenance-free
    • Identical speed of both drive motors
    • allows exact straight run of the machine
    • Class IP 67 protection against dust and humidity
    Agria 9600i Brake
    • Electromechanical fail-safe brake, can be manually released to allow mower to be moved without starting


    Agria 9600i Remote
    • The intuitive remote control features a 2.8” colour display.
    • Operating parameters of the remote include:
      • Speed
      • Cutting height
      • Fuel level
      • Operating hours
      • Slope inclination
      • Generator voltage
      • Starter battery voltage
      • 300m operating range
    • The remote also features a tilt sensor to automatically shut off the machine if the operator falls.
    • Drift function utilizing a potentiometer for changing the speed of the crawler tracks left / right) can also be used for precise steering to achieve straight line mowing
    • Cruise control function


    Agria 9600i Rubber Tracks
    • Rubber tracks with non-slip block profile, steel carcass and lateral bead, gentle on vegetation to protect the integrity of the slope. Easy track tensioning adjustment.
    Agria 9600i Track Rollers
    • Track rollers made of polyamide which are very strong with high wear resistance
    • Ball bearings sealed, on both sides with cover seal and shaft sealing ring


    The new Intelligence package includes a Telemetry module that logs all controller error codes and various sensor such as the inclination sensor, shock sensor, various temperatures, voltages and currents, and GPS receiver, for position of the machine. We access a browser-based portal to check and diagnose any issues.


    Agria 9600i Warranty
    • With the Intelligence package you can extend your warranty by 24 months or max. 1.000 operating hours.
    • To offer this promise of quality, our machines have extensive self-protective mechanisms and an easy to maintain design. 


    Agria 9600i Protection
    • The software communicates continuously with sensors and automatically initiates protective measures to prevent damage.
    • For example, the Agria LT 9600i switches off the blades itself as soon as a strong resistance is detected, for example when hitting a rock or log.
    • This avoids unnecessary strain on the machine components and consequential damage. The control box is protected and fully enclosed.


    Agria 9600i Remote Diagnosis
    • The Agria LT 9600i continuously collects data from the machine and sends error reports and maintenance instructions to the cloud. If a technical problem occurs, worldwide access to all relevant data for fast troubleshooting is possible.


    Agria 9600i Remote
    • The 2.8“ colour display keeps you informed about all device statuses and for example provides you with a visual warning signal, as soon as the machine is moving on a critical slope out of recommended range or should be refuelled.


    Agria 9600i Auto Speed
    • Depending on the material to be mown, the driving speed is automatically adjusted. This helps prolong the life of the cutting belt.


    LT 9600i Transport
    • Four cast eye bolts are provided for conveniently locating tie-down hooks when transporting.


    LT 9600 Accessories
    • Side mower for mowing close to the edge and for cutting around trees and posts.
    • Blades for first cut of spring grass

    Agria LT 9600 Working Shot

    LT 9600i Working Shot


    LT 9600i
    Kawasaki FS730V EFI Engine 25.5Hp
    Obstacle impact auto shutdown Tick
    4 Speed Range up to (km/h) 10
    Overall Dimensions (mm) 1450 x1500
    Overall Height (mm) 850
    Weight (kg) 653
    Cutting Width (mm) 1120
    Cutting Height (mm) 50-200, stepless
    Slope (degrees) 55


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    Please note that Australian specifications may vary to those shown on the manufacturer's brochure and website.
    Follow this link to the  manufacturer's website (Agria)

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