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    Civiline Specialist Commercial Mowers

    Raymo Torpedo Electric Remote Controlled Mower


    Raymo Torpedo All Electric Remote Controlled Mower

    Photograph for illustration purposes - standard specifications may not match those shown.

    The Raymo Torpedo is the world’s first commercial all-electric remote-controlled mower. It features an innovative Lithium-Ion battery system, electric 4-wheel drive with zero-turn capabilities and electric deck drive without belts. The MULT-E-CARE linkage system enables different attachments on the front, while the POWERSWAP system offers quick-change battery and hybrid power options.

    Mow with No Noise, No Emissions and with the operator safely and comfortably off the mower, especially when mowing on slopes and under obstacles. Plug-in charging and battery swapping give low operating costs and long working hours. No liquid fuels or oils, and no filters or servicing schedules that are typical with combustion engine mowers.



    Raymo is the world's first commercial all-electric mower.
    • The Raymo is the world’s first commercial all-electric mower.
    • The Plug-in charge Lithium-Ion battery system powers the mower’s drive, cutting deck and raise-lower function.
    • Typical mowing time on a full charge is 4-5 hours with the standard 42” deck depending on the density of grass, cut height and ground slope.


    Rechargable Battery
    • Plug into mains power to recharge the battery pack with typically 9 – 10 hours charging time.
    Low Emissions
    • The Raymo mower is the world’s first low-emission low-noise low-disturbance mowing solution with the lowest carbon footprint and highest ecological credentials.
    • Raymo owners can proudly show their commitment to the environment.
    • Use of low carbon footprint technology will give a competitive edge when tendering for new business.


    Power Swap
    • The modular POWERSWAP system offers battery and Hybrid power unit options.
    Raymo Power Battery
    • The 120 Amp-Hour Lithium-Ion battery module is on wheels and can be easily loaded, swapped and reloaded into the mower.
    • Battery can be charged off or on the mower.
    • Multiple battery units give the flexibility of longer working time.
    • Click to view battery change-over video.
    • The battery module weighs 45kg.
    Raymo Power Hybrid
    • The optional Hybrid module consists of a 56 Amp-hour battery and 208cc petrol engine with integrated 2kW generator.
    • The Hybrid module offers unlimited mowing time with conventional re-fuelling.
    • The mower is powered by a combination of the engine and battery with surplus current adding to battery charge.  Auto-Stop/Start technology controls the engine depending on overall needs and charge level.
    • The engine can be turned off and operated on battery-only giving 2-2.5 hours mowing time. The battery typically requires 4 hours charging time.
    • The hybrid module weighs 45kg.


    Raymo Torpedo Working Angle
    • The innovative permanent 4WD system is driven by two direct-drive electric motors.
    • On smooth ground conditions, the mower has exceptional climbing ability on slopes up to 35 degrees while running on low-impact turf tread tyres.
    • The low centre of gravity and balanced weight distribution provide traction and stability on slopes.
    Raymo Zero Turn
    • The innovative permanent 4WD system is driven by two direct-drive electric motors.
    • On smooth ground conditions, the mower has exceptional climbing ability on slopes up to 35 degrees while running on low-impact turf tread tyres.
    • The low centre of gravity and balanced weight distribution provide traction and stability on slopes.
    • The drive speed is continuously variable across 3 speed ranges (Lo/Hi/Max speed – 3/7/9 kph).


    Raymo Cutting Deck
    • The 3-spindle mower deck is direct driven by an individual motor for each spindle with 42” (104 cm) or optional 52” (130 cm) cutting widths available.
    • The electric drive has two blade speeds.
    • Cutting height is adjustable from 40 – 100mm and is set by pin position.
    • The deck produces a high-quality lawn finish.
    • The Raymo offers every contractor’s dream: a deck with no belts, drive shaft or gearbox.
    • The electronic control system monitors each blade motor for jams and condition.
    • When the deck is turned off, the motors regeneratively brake the blades putting energy back to the battery.
    Raymo Deck Blades
    • The deck can be set for mulching or rear discharge.
    • Anti-scalping wheels are located under the deck close to the cutting lines.
    • 3 heavy-duty rotary blades.
    Raymo Deck on Skids
    • The front caster wheels can be removed and the deck operated on skids.
    • This reduces the deck dimensions allowing tighter turning in restricted areas and around obstacles as well as increasing deck downforce.
    Raymo Deck Skids
    • Replaceable plastic skids protect the deck and reduce damage to surfaces the deck may contact incidentally.
    • The blade tip is 5cm from the external deck face for cutting close to obstacles and edges.
    Raymo Deck Guide
    • The innovative deck guide wheel makes mowing along walls, edges, monuments and borders easy and simple eliminating damage to the deck or the obstacle.
    Raymo Mult-e-Care Linkage System
    • With the modular MULT-E-CARE linkage system the deck can be swapped for other attachments.
    • The linkage attaches by pins and connector.
    • Electric deck raise and lower.
    • As new attachments are developed, the Raymo becomes a multi-purpose electric grounds-care tool.
    Raymo Optional 52 inch deck
    • An optional 52 inch (130 cm) cutting deck is available for 25% more mowing productivity.


    Raymo Remote Control
    • The Raymo is remote-controlled for operator safety, energy saving and low height applications.
    • Power is not consumed carrying a driver who adds little value to mowing.
    • Without an operator, the machine has a very low-profile enabling mowing under furniture, low branches and obstacles.
    • Operator is removed from danger of roll-over on slope or contact with overhead obstacles.
    • The operator is free of vibration, noise and ZTR motion reducing fatigue and errors.

    • Working remotely gives the operator a view of the entire mowing scene that would otherwise not occur if sitting on the mower focused on driving forward. This provides improved safety for the general public and foot and vehicle traffic.
    Raymo Controller
    • Mower speed, direction and turning are controlled through two joysticks.
    • Switches control ground speed range, blade speed, blade engagement and deck raising and lowering.
    • The mower is simple and intuitive to operate.
    • The all electric drive gives responsive and precise control over the mower.
    Raymo Remote Control Display
    • The controller provides data on battery level of the remote and onboard battery module, drive speed, working hours and blade speed.


    Raymo can mow under low obstacles
    • With an overall height of only 51cm, the mower can work under low obstacles such as park furniture and tree branches.
    • The total weight of only 270 kg creates little ground pressure and damage with the soft turf tyres and makes transport simple.
    • To minimise the total mower length for transport, the deck can be manually folded vertically and securely locked into position.


    Raymo Operating Costs
    • The Raymo offers the lowest operating cost of any mower on the market at less than 60 cents per hour energy cost.
    • The plug-in charge gives the lowest energy cost possible and the opportunity to use renewable energy generation sources.
    Minimal Maintenance
    • Minimum maintenance is required and all the costs, fluids and parts required for the maintenance of conventional combustion engine mowers are eliminated.
    • Raymo says NO:
      • No fuel
      • No belts – no pulleys – no gearbox
      • No drive shaft
      • No plugs
      • No filters
      • No oil
      • No hydraulics


    • As the community is increasingly sensitive to the amenity of their open spaces, the expectations and public licence to undertake essential maintenance creates pressure.
    • The industry is crying out for a low impact – low noise – low disturbance commercial mower that also improves safety for the operator, neighbours and the public using those open spaces.
    • A mower that delivers on the hot topic of environmental issues also sends a message to the public that you recognise these issues and are prepared to make a difference. The benefit is twofold - taking positive action and being seen to take positive action by the public.
    • A safe, silent, zero-emission, zero-vibration, agile, modular mower using the latest technology delivers a message of innovation and forward thinking.


    LT 9600 Accessories


    • Low noise reduces disturbance for mourners
    • Zero emissions
    • Zero Turn manoeuvrability
    Hospital Grounds


    • Low noise
    • Zero emissions
    Public Parks & Grounds


    • Low noise
    • Zero emissions
    • Low height
    • Narrow overall width
    Aged Care Grounds


    • Low noise reduces disturbance for residents
    • Zero emissions
    Company/Corporate Grounds


    • Consistent with corporate “Green” approach
    • Help drive towards lowering carbon footprint
    • Visible to public as “doing the right thing”
    • Demonstrates overall approach to the job
    Private Properties


    • Cut slope to 35 degrees
    • Simple machine to operate
    • Low noise
    • Low running costs

    Raymo Working Shot

    Raymo Torpedo Working Shot


    Operating Time (hrs) 4-5
    Cutting Speed Range (km/h) 0-8
    Travel Speed Range - Forward (kn/h) 0-10
    Travel Speed Range - Reverse (km/h) 0-10
    Overall Dimensions (mm) 2050 x 1150
    Overall Height (mm) 510
    Weight (kg) 180
    Cutting Width (mm) 1067
    Cutting Height (mm) 40-100
    Slope (degrees) 35


    Click this link to download a brochure.
    Please note that Australian specifications may vary to those shown on the manufacturer's brochure and website.
    Follow this link to the  manufacturer's website (Raymo)

    Disclaimer: Specifications and features described on the website are subject to change without notice. All care has been taken to present accurate information, however, the company is not liable for unintended errors or omissions.